Goula Gals is a community of likeminded women and moms focused on efficient and effective wellness and lifestyle solutions. Why 'Goula' you might ask? Well...

                 Gula (goo-la) noun; babylonian goddess of healing

           Doula (doo-la) noun; birth assistant and after birth supporter

When we combine the two we get Goula Gals who are all about health, strength and support for one another!


Is Pain Getting in Your Way?

Does your busy schedule ever get interrupted by any of these annoying "Mom Moments"?

  • Periodic bouts of Sciatica
  • Debilitating Back Pain
  • Neck or Shoulder Pain 


Embarrassing Secrets?

Do you accept any of the following as a normal part of your motherhood journey:

  • Peeing when running or jumping.
  • A loose and saggy tummy that hangs over your waistband.
  • Diastasis Recti (if you know what this is, you know what I mean!)
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Prolapse

The GoulaFIT Solution

Knowledge is Power

Our GoulaFIT program will help you understand your body in a completely new way. Through simple, efficient educational lessons, learn why rehabilitating from pregnancy and delivery - whether 6 weeks or 16 years later - is so important. You'll discover how the daily activities of our modern lives contribute to additional breakdowns, and how you can fight back. Knowledge is power and the first step to doing things in a new way!


5 Star Breath Circle

Breath is life and we do it all day long without even thinking about it.  However, when we choose to do it in a particular way our breath can be a powerful way to facilitate muscular activation throughout the entire torso. GoulaFIT's 5 Star Breath Circle helps balance muscular tension and improves function and coordination of the diaphragm and pelvic floor.

Movement & Postures

GoulaFIT applies the 5 Star Breath Circle to postures and movement, training your body to move in a new, more structurally supported way.  In combination with the muscularly integrated postures and movements from Foundation Training, the 5 Star Breath Circle develops increased strength, stamina, stance and movement efficiency that you can apply to anything and everything you love to do in life!

FREE Video Tutorial

The 5 Star Breath Circle is a specific sequence of breathing techniques and arm positions designed to integrate the muscles of the deep core. Help support your pelvic floor and increase muscular tension along the front of your body.

 In this 2-3 hour exoerience you'll learn why so many women and moms are suffering from chronic pain and embarrassing women's health breakdowns. Work together in small groups to learn and practice 3 breathing techniques and apply them to active postures and movements. Receive hands on instruction and support in a room of like-minded women. 


Personalized Support

The most efficient and effective way to see optimal results is with one-on-one, personalized support. Virtual, in-person and small group options are available.


Join the Goula Gal Community!